Food List For Ulcer Patients

This is one of the healthiest food list for ulcer patients. Please share it for those who need it.

raw-foodHere are allowed foods for ulcer patients:

Soups: All non fat soups made of beef and chicken meat with vegetable and potatoes. Avoid readymade strong, fat soups.

Meat: Beef, chicken, lamb, fish (only non fat). At the beginning of the diet meat and fish should be cooked and later fried or grilled. Avoid pork and smoked meat, canned meat, fatty fish and pork and beef offal.

Eggs: Raw boiled. Avoid mayonnaise fried and hard boiled eggs.

Fruits: Fresh fruit juices, apple and pear compotes, fruit jelly, strawberries, cooked dried fruits (except plums). Avoid cherries, figs, plums (especially dried ones), marmalade, jam, nuts, almonds.

Milk: Milk should be diluted or skimmed. Yogurt, fresh cow cheese and non fat and spiced cheeses. Avoid melted and fat cheese.

Vegetables: Spinach, young green peas, green salad, zucchini. Avoid cucumbers, mushrooms, onion, garlic, beans

Bread: Toasted one or two days old bread. Avoid fresh, corn, rye bread.

Sweets: Light, not too sweet cookies, pudding, light cream cakes. Avoid cakes with nuts, poppy, honey, almonds, all pies and fried cakes.