Four Fruit Diets For Quick Weight Loss


Try these four fruit diets which will help you quickly lose weight, but also to cleanse your body of toxic substances.

four fruit diets1. Two-day diet with apples

If you want to lose a few kilograms and also to remove toxins from your body and feel healthier, all you have to do is eat only apples. It sounds scary, but the diet lasts only two days plus whenever you feel hunger you can bite an apple because the quantity is not limited. Besides, apples have a lot of vitamins and they create a sense of satiety. Buy different types of apples and make your diet more interesting.

2. Five-day diet watermelons

If you love watermelon, then this is the answer to all your prayers for the well-shaped body. For this diet you should obey one simple rule: Consume at least half a kilogram of watermelon a day and eat five smaller meals a day. For this diet it is highly recommended to avoid drinking beverages that have sugar and make sure that you have no high blood pressure. Those with kidney or liver problems should avoid this alternative meals plan. If you are not tired of eating watermelon, sometimes you can make fresh squeezed juice or make a fruit salad with watermelons.

3. Seven-day diet with pineapple

Cleanse your body with this healthy and simple diet. All you have to do is eat three normal meals and eat two slices of pineapple a day. Nutritionists who created this diet also recommend two-day session of complete cleansing the body from toxins, during which time you eat only pineapple. Although this is not a diet to be followed in the long term, however, this diet can be very useful for those who want to quickly reduce weight.

4. Seven-day diet with cranberries

Cranberries are rich in fibre, vitamins and antioxidants. Therefore, they are great for “disappearance” of your weight and ridding your body of harmful toxins. Drain the juice of half a kilo of cranberries. Then mix two tablespoons of juice in 200 grams of fresh water and drink this liquid every morning on an empty stomach. The results will be amazing. It is also advisable to eat “lighter” meals during these seven days, not to put your digestive system under great pressure during detoxification diet.