Fresh Spices For Better Taste

Basil, parsley, dill, oregano, chives and capers is very easy to grow at home, and it is much cheaper. If these fresh spices are added to food they provide much better aroma than purchased or dried spices.

SpicesDried spices are used at the beginning of cooking, and fresh are added at the end. This is because the dried spices needs more time to release the aroma. Do not forget the aromatic seeds that give dishes a delicate flavor.

The seeds of coriander and anise are used preferably lightly stewed and slightly crushed before use, because in this way all the aromas are released. Cumin goes with red meat, it is great with stews when it is added in the middle of cooking, when the meat is done because it needs time to let the aroma.

Whole spices such as bay leaves and black pepper, release the flavor much more slowly than the ground or fresh spices and are ideal for dishes that are cooked for a long time.


Cayenne pepper

Aroma of cayenne pepper increases during cooking. Add a bit and every time wait for the aroma to be completely freed during cooking.


Use fresh basil with turmeric and grated lemon to make better taste of butter used for fish and meat.