Garlic Treatment For Herpes

Immediately when you see the first signs of herpes on the lips, fix it with natural methods. No one likes to wake up with herpes on the lips, because it is not looking nice but it is also painful.

garlicCold days are in favor of development herpes because it usually goes in the “package” with viruses. Therefore, as soon as you notice that herpes “visited” you, solve it by natural methods.

The first solution is lemon. Squeeze it well, soak the cotton pads in the juice and place them couple of times a day on the sore spot. You can the same with apple vinegar.

Maybe you mind the smell of garlic, but know that it is excellent in this fight, rub its fluid on the spot and your problem will certainly disappear.

When you feel that uncomfortable “lump” announces its arrival, prevent it with ice cubes; hold them on the lips for a few minutes. It will certainly alleviate the pain.