What Happens If You Don’t Drink Enough Water?

drink water

Drinking a cup of plain water is the best way to satisfy the thirst. It’s a natural source of health, but people often tend to forget to drink and because of that the body suffers.

How Much Water Should I DrinkHere are some signs that you do not get enough water in your organism.

Dry mouth

The most common sign of thirst is dry mouth and feeling of dryness in the throat. If your mouth is dry, it means that your body is dehydrated.

Dry eyes

The lack of water in the body can be manifested by dryness of the eyes that can become red. Insufficient humidity of the eyes is a particular problem for those who wear lenses.

Dry skin

The skin is the largest organ and it needs plenty of water to function properly. Dry and irritated skin is one of the signs of dehydration and can cause problems. Lack of liquid reduces the body’s ability to clean itself and dispose toxins.


Dehydration can deceive the brain and transmit signals that the body is hungry, so you will have the feeling of hunger during the day. Food without enough liquid slows the metabolism and creates fat.