The Healing Effects Of The Showers

Showers are an essential part of the daily hygiene, and depending on the water temperature the time you spend in the shower can bring different benefits to the body.

ShowersHot showers

Showers with hot water reduce tension and relax tired muscles. If your shower allows a strong jet of water, even better – you will achieve the effect of a mini massage to the neck, shoulders and back.

There are studies that have proven that hot shower can have positive influence on oxytocin and alleviate tension. Hot shower is a good choice if you have cold, because heat and steam affect the airways and clean them.

Cold showers

Although it may seem impossible to you to spend a short time under the cold shower, it has its own benefits. If you switch the temperature of the shower and take five minute shower with cold water, you will surprise your body and wake it up. Instant change in temperature can relax you.

Also, the experts recommend washing with cold shower two or three minutes a day as a remedy for depression.