Health Benefits Of Running And What Happens To Your Body

In the past few years many people have decided to go running and start being more active than before. This running populace grows with every minute and there are statistics that show that in the year of 2014 there were 8.3 finishers at the races in USA. Yet this number is only expected to grow in the following years because the health benefits of running are astonishing.

This situation is exactly what caused many studies to be made about the act of running and its benefits. Many great results and conclusions were made after those studies which are worth to be known and be considered.

For example a study in Copenhagen showed that runners in that part lived 6 years more than the ones that don’t practice running. Most interesting fact about this study was that actually the runners that jogged 2-3 times a week for 12 minute a mile where the ones that reduced mortality the most.

This fact is amazing because it shows that you don’t have to be a speedster or running for eternity to get the benefits and enjoy every good that comes from running.

We bet you are curious what is exactly that happens with our bodies when we are running? Well, there were a lot of studies made and there is a great load of scientific back up on what we are about to present to you. We guarantee that these facts and health benefits of running will make you feel hopeful to get up tomorrow and go for a run. You will experience the benefits quicker than you actually think.

In the beginning you can start with 5-10 minutes run which is the best run and timing for heart health. If you practice this each day it will  reduce the risk of any heart attack or stroke that may happen to you in the near future. You will have 45% chances of lower risk of any cardiovascular disease than any other person that doesn’t practice running.

If you are running for 20 minutes you can alter your DNA for better. This cardio exercise will make you fitter and you will be feeling better in no time. If practiced everyday it can reduce the risk and prevent the appearance of any major disease.

When running for 30 minutes you will for sure experience weight loss and physical fitness. This 30 minute exercise will make you waste a lot of calories and with time you will lose great amount of weight. You can even lose eight pounds in three months if you practice this routine every day. Can the health benefits of running get even better?

Well, with more experience and time with running you will start running even up to 60 minutes. This will make a great boost to your metabolism and will keep you active and burning calories long after you have finished your run. This practice can give you an amazing results both in your health and physical appearance.

Tune in your headphones, go for a run and enjoy it !