“Healthy” Smoothies and Calories

At first glance smoothies are all healthy and appropriate foods for diet plans to lose some weight. But, then if we look closer what actually goes into our favorite juice and check nutritional values we can see that sometimes it can contain large amount of calories and actually does not help in weight loss.


Here is the list of nutritional values of some smoothies ingredients and Boost Juice and their sugar content:

2 cups baby spinach: 20 calories, 2 g. fiber, 2 g. protein
1 frozen banana: 105 calories, 3.1 g. fiber, 1.3 g. protein
1/2 cup  blueberries: 42 calories,1.8 g. fiber, 0.5 g. protein
1/4 cup mango: 25 calories, 0.7 g. fiber, 0.3 g. protein
1/2 avocado: 161 calories, 6.7 g. fiber, 2 g. protein
1 tablespoon flaxmeal: 37 calories, 2 g. fiber, 1 g. protein
1 tablespoon peanut butter: 95 calories, 1.5 g. fiber, 4 g protein
1 scoop vanilla protein powder: 150 calories, 2 g. fiber, 30 g. protein
2 cups vanilla soy milk: 200 calories, 1 g. fiber, 6 g. protein

All Berry Bang: 65g. of Sugar
Strawberry Squeeze: 69.55g. of Sugar
Gym Junkie: 66.95g. of Sugar
Berry Crush: 68.25g. of Sugar
Energiser Juice: 51.35g. of Sugar

Total: 835 calories, 19 grams fiber, 47.1 grams protein. That’s more than half of daily calories just in one meal.  If that doesn’t astonish you then let’s compare it to some foods that are considered unhealthy.

Kit Kat 60g Crunchy: 31g of Sugar
Coca Cola 650ml bottle: 58g of Sugar
Magnum Sandwich 98g: 25g of Sugar
Big Mac: 8g of Sugar

It is surprising that a bottle of Coke actually contains less sugar than the majority of Boost Juice smoothies. Boost Juice like the Big Mac and the Kit Kat bar should become a treat that you occasionally have because for the sake of a few vitamins and minerals it is just not worth the sugar that is in it. Instead eat your fruit and veggies and there is no need to be seeking out vitamins and minerals from another source.

Of course you can have smoothies for breakfast, but be much more mindful about what you throw into the blender. Just take a little time to figure out how much your morning smoothie is adding up to. And once you figure out a good recipe, be sure to measure out your ingredients every single time just to make sure you’re sticking to it.

I hope your eyes have been opened because occasionally we become puppets to good marketing. Always check the nutritional values of the foods that you are eating because what was once considered healthy may not be anymore.