Heart Attack Can Be Predicted Months Before: Your Hair Warns You!

heart attack

Human body is perfect machine that sends us certain signals as a warning alarm if there is some type of problem in its functions. For instance, medical experts explain that chest pain is an early sign of heart attack.

heart_attack_versus_cardiac_arrest_difference_between_infographicStill, many people who have experienced heart attack say that they didn’t experience chest pain at all.

It is important to mention that there are heart attacks which are slow and other happen very fast and that depends on many reasons. Unfortunately many people don’t go to the hospital because they are neglecting those lesser-known symptoms.

Still, doctors advice that it of extreme importance to get medical help in time, because in many cases it may be too late.

It is fact that your body warns you that something is going to happen. Namely, your hair can worn you too. And here is how: in cases when the hair contains a high level of the hormone cortisol, it will find a way to alarm you that a stroke is coming. For example, you can measure the level of cortisol in blood, saliva and urine, but you can not do with hair. Human hair that grows 5-6 inch strand could show a longer period of increased stress levels.

In recent research were included 56 people that have experienced heart attack. In this examination their hair has been compared with other individuals that didn’t experience a heart attack.

Chauncey Qrendi is cardiovascular expert, who says that there are 4 certain signs or symptoms of a heart attack. The first one is chest pain, even though, not in each case the chest pain can lead to a heart attack. Second one is sweating and nausea. Difficulty with breathing is the third is and the last, fourth one is stomach issues.

Statistics shows that in America, the number one killer is heart attack.


Source: healthyfoodhealthyyou.com