Here’s What Will Happen If You Swallow Chewing Gum


It is true that the chewing gum is composed of resin, wax, fat and emulsifier which are not intended for eating but the stomach receives a daily amount of food that is not intended for entry into the body.

Woman-Chewing-GumHow true are the stories your parents in childhood told you that chewing gum will stick in stomach if you swallow it?

But, for sure you have at least once ingested it, perhaps not intentionally, but accidentally. And what happened to it? Was it stuck to intestines, stomach, whether the stomach needs 7 years to digest and get rid of it? Here’s the truth…

The truth is something different. It is true that chewing gum is composed of resin, wax, fat and emulsifier that should not be eaten, but it is not life threatening.

The moment you swallow gum, its parts that cannot be digested, remain in the body until the stomach fights with them, and then, after a certain period of time they are released from the body.

However, stories that chewing gum if swallowed is harmful and life threatening are not just a myth, and that testifies the fact that many chewing gums swallowed at once, especially in young children, can cause problems with digestion.

This happens very rarely, but when it happens, then requires urgent intervention by a physician.