Homemade Remedy Against Insomnia

Homemade Remedy Against Insomnia

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder characterized by difficulty falling or staying asleep. This leads to daytime fatigue, poor performance, tension headaches, irritability, depression, and various other problems.

Insomnia is generally of two types: acute and chronic. Acute insomnia is usually more common and lasts for days or weeks. Chronic insomnia, on the other hand, lasts for months or even longer.

Homemade Remedy Against Insomnia1

There are a variety of causes including stress, anxiety, psychotic disorders, poor sleep habits, disruptions in sleeping environment, life changes, caffeine or other stimulants, chronic pain, breathing difficulties, and certain medical conditions such as arthritis, heart failure, acid reflux, and others.

If you have sleep problems, try this all-natural “sleeping remedy”. Say no, to insomnia and sleeping problems. Unfortunately, many people happen to wake up in the night and after that, they cannot turn back to sleep, while others cannot even fall asleep.

One of the main reasons that lead to insomnia is stress. When a person sleeps, the body passes through complex biochemical processes, where stress hormones negatively affect sleep. Problems with insomnia have an adverse impact on every aspect of life.

Try to make this completely natural remedy from only two ingredients. It reduces the harmful effects of stress on the body and the mind.

Ingredients and Preparation

Combine a tiny amount (1/2 tsp) of a natural sugar (honey, maple syrup, coconut or cane sugar, etc) with a sprinkle of natural salt and consume 15-20 minutes before bed. Alternately, stir the mixture into a cup of chamomile tea and add a teaspoon of gelatin powder (optional).

If you still cannot sleep, put some of that mixture under the tongue.

Keep the remedy close to the bed. Continue to take it until you notice that the sleep problems disappeared. Salt can help lower cortisol levels and balance blood sugar levels, which is what you want at night for restful sleep. Natural sugars can help by elevating insulin slightly, which helps lower cortisol.

Few people know about this simple combination, as well as salt, sugar is very useful for metabolism, energy and cope with stress. They actually feed the cells.

Also, sugar sends a message to the body to stop producing stress hormones. In same time salt is helping in maintaining normal levels of adrenaline.

Is so simple that is worth a try.