How Much Bananas Is Too Much Bananas?

How lucky were the contestants in eating bananas that before the start of the contest, organizers consulted a doctor about possible side effects that may occur with excessive consumption of this delicious product.

bananasThe winner of the contest would have been the one who will eat as many bananas in certain time period. The competition was cancelled because doctors have worried that the consequences of such excessive eating can seriously affect the health and even lead to death.

The reason lies in the fact that this fruit is very rich in calories and consuming large amounts of calories in a short time can lead to disturbances in the body. But even more important it is that bananas contain a lot of potassium, whose excessive consumption can cause heart problems and even cause death.

Because of this, the planned competition, despite the fact that its purpose was to collect money for charity, has been cancelled.

It turns out that eating this fruit in excessive quantities can be dangerous to human health.