In US Women In 30s Have More Babies Than The Younger Ones

In the United States this is probably for the first time when the women in 30s are giving birth to their first child instead of having children at younger age.

Experts and studies say that this is because of the fact that nowadays women tend to wait longer for having children and the trend of being a teen mum is more than over.

It has been for decades when the women in 20s had children more instead having children in their late 30s. Yet the time has come when the things are changed. In the past, for 21 and 22 years old mums was normal to have babes but nowadays it becomes more and more often that you see older people bringing their kids in elementary schools.

The latest reports in US were actually scary because there were more reports about people dying than there were newborns. Because of these reports the experts started investigating until they had conclusions that the average age that a woman gives birth to their first child is 28 years old. They also concluded that most couples decide to have only one child.

The studies also confirmed that the teen birth rate was drastically down when compared with the years in the past. As a result of the same studies the experts also publicly stated that the main reason people died in US were because of heart diseases and heart strokes.

Among the findings:

— The overall birth rate was down slightly in 2016, to 62 births per 100,000 women ages 15 to 44.

— The average age when women have their first child is about 28.

— The teen birth rate continued to drop last year.

—The infant mortality rate stayed about the same.

—The overall death rate fell to about 724 per 100,000 people in 2016, down from 733 the year before.

However no one can explain or tell why nowadays women in 30s decide to have children and not earlier. Maybe because of the death rank, no one knows. Yet one thing is for sure and that is that people need to start leading healthier lives and take care about their heart and mental health. We can never know how the numbers will change in the next couple of years.