Increase Your Life Energy By Walking Barefoot


Rather than quit on the first stone, this summer try to survive longer and walk barefoot at least 5-10 minutes. What benefit will you have from it?


Vital energy goes through our body, the Chinese call it “chi”, Indians “Prana”, but in the essence is the same – it means health. It flows through the system of meridians that is similar to the bloodstream.

When that energy passes through meridians, all organs are receiving the necessary energy for optimal performance. Conversely, when a meridian is blocked, the organ that is associated with it is weak, and over time there is a great risk of its disease.

Meridians end at our feet, so when you go barefoot, it stimulate all the important points and massage all organs in the body. It is the most powerful acupressure massage existing.

Even if you have problem with sinuses, tension, problems with digestion, lack of energy, frequent infections or problems with your heart, these complications can be easily solved with only a few minutes walking barefoot.

Just as sunlight provides us with vitamin D, so the earth supplies us with necessary energy.

Therefore, awake the natural intelligence this summer!

Just start walking barefoot today. For starters, limit the time for 5 minutes and each day increase it for at least 1 minute. After a while it will be quite natural for you to walk barefoot.