How To Instantly Stop Terrible Headache With Salt


Salted lemonade is effective natural remedy for headache. Usually when you have a headache you immediately reach for a pill. Temporary the problem may be solved, but if it happens too often it will just create a new problem.

HeadacheRather than just taking a combination of pills, try to prepare salted lemonade, natural remedy for headache that relieves headache pain and has no adverse effects.

Pills are healing but in the same time they are damaging your body because they consist of various chemicals with strong action. Headaches can be extremely unpleasant and an obstacle to normal functioning.


  • 2 lemons
  • Filtered but not bottled water
  • Sea salt


Squeeze the lemon, add the same quantity of water as there is juice, add a little sea salt and ice if desired. It may not be your favorite beverage, but it can help you, because sea salt contains enough electrolytes and minerals to raise the energy level, remove the pain, balance serotonin levels in the body and strengthen the immune system.