Jamie Oliver Motivates You To Cook And Eat Healthy

Jamie Oliver is the most famous chef in the world, and he uses his influence to change the unhealthy eating habits of all people.

He has his own special philosophy when the food is in question. It follows completely in the sequel, and the goal is to motivate you to start preparing healthy meals for yourself and feeding yourself healthier.

“My food philosophy has always been to enjoy everything in a balanced and healthy way. The food is one of the greatest joys in our life, and we have reached this really sad level when we turned it into our enemy and in something to be scared of. I believe that if we use some good ingredients to make pasta, salads, stews, burgers, baked vegetables, fruit salads and even incredible cakes, they all will have their place in our diet. We just have to use common sense: if you want to eat mac and cheese from time to time, that’s fine, just do it in a reasonable amount together with a fresh salad and do not eat a big chocolate cake after that.

If you know how to cook, you can turn all kinds of fresh ingredients into a tasty meal, while it lasts in the season, and while is the best for eating and in the same time is the cheapest way. Cooking in this way is always cheaper than buying already prepared food, and not to mention it is much better for you. And because you cook more types of food, in time to time you will start to find a reasonable balance.

Sometimes you will want something easy and fresh, and another day something hot and sweet. If you want a snack between the meals, bite something healthy instead of chips or chocolate. When I talk about a “healthy” approach to the food and a healthier diet, I am talking about achieving that nutrition balance: a lot of quality food, plenty of variety, and also enjoying in sweet pleasures from time to time”.