More Than Joy: The Real Power Of Sex

making love

In addition to claims that men who had more than 20 partners have a lower risk of prostate disease, here are several reasons more why sex is good for health.

making love1Sex for prevention of colds

The best way to protect from cold is to have sex at least twice a week, according to researchers from the Wilkes University in Pennsylvania. Regular sex increases the level of immunoglobulin in the blood by 20%. Antibodies are destroying bacteria and protect against colds and flu. And it is much better than the vaccine shot.

Reduce Stress

Participants in the study who made love the night before testing, reacted better to stressful situations. This is because touching, kissing and cuddling reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol.


Orgasm can reduce by 50% the sensitivity of the organism to pain, including back pain, migraines and arthritis. Due to sexual satisfaction, secreted are endorphins, which have calming effect on pain.


The Royal Institute of Edinburgh concluded that couples who make love at least five times a week, look ten times younger. Because of sexual satisfaction secreted are hormones such as adrenaline, dopamine and norepinephrine, which help protect skin cells and relaxing the muscle, thereby preventing wrinkles.

Prevents heart attack and stroke

Men who make love at least twice a week are 45 % less likely to develop a heart disease, because regular sex reduces blood pressure, and thus the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Burns calories

The term “horizontal jogging” could apply to sex, since it is a great way to burn calories. Sex that lasts 24 minutes burns 104 calories for men and 67 calories for women.

Prevents breast tumors

The active love life serves as prevention of breast cancer in both sexes. Men who have less than six orgasms a month had a significantly greater chance of developing this type of disease.

Strengthens bones

Helps in preventing deterioration of bones which in women goes with age.

For better sleep

After orgasm secreted is serotonin, which is responsible for a good and healthy sleep. It is scientifically proven that after sex men sleep longer than women.

Facilitates Endometriosis

Sex during menstruation helps fighting endometriosis – condition that affects fertility.