Just 5 Rituals For An Excellent Day

rituals for an excellent day

Here are some rituals for excellent day that will help you even when the situation looks that there is no escape.

eggs_coffee_juice_bacon_fried_eggs_breakfast_44361_1920x1080Maybe these steps are small but they are very significant for excellent day:

Eat the Same Breakfast Every Day

It is good to be consistent. If you know exactly what and when you’re going to eat will decrease the stress. Choose a healthy dish that you like: for example- omelet with vegetables, oatmeal with seeds and nuts or yogurt with muesli and fruit.

Enjoy your coffee

You drink morning coffee in hurry! In Japan, formal tea ceremony can last four hours. Try this routine: Focus on the drink in front of you. Notice the smell, and enjoy the flavor. You will find it as wonderful daily exercise in meditation.

Make a list of things to ignore

Write down what you will disregard today e-mails you have no intention of responding to, vacuuming or the guilt of not vacuuming. Review the list from time to time to make sure that nothing on it is getting your undeserved attention.

Shut off your mind for couple of minutes

Try to relax when you are at home after work, listen to music, play cards, or watch TV. Do not ask yourself what could you done better. Ask any player who had a good game what was going through his head and he’ll tell you, “Absolutely nothing.”

Listen to the answer when you ask somebody “How are you?”

When you have hectic day it is hard to find time to deal with feelings of other people. If you ask “How are you?” than pay attention to the answer and words or expressions to see if something is wrong. When that’s the case, try to find out exactly what’s going on and let them know you care.