Kerosene-Petroleum, Medicine Against Cancer!


Until the advent of the Internet, dozens of scientists and doctors mysteriously disappeared, who were trying to prove that the distilled kerosene-petroleum is extremely effective in treating many types of malignant and other diseases.


With Internet, this secret was discovered and there was no possibility to threat the doctors, but they started with huge pressure on Kerosene-petroleum factories in the world which shut down one after another. The official medicine does not accept this method of treatment and they are talking about the harmful effects of kerosene on the body. But there are real stories of cured people from incurable diseases. There are plenty published stories about this cure. We will introduce you to the history of healing the cancer by Paula Ganner and the method of Kerosene-petroleum use which she recommends.

The first one to speak about this in public was a German doctor Paula Ganner from “Jakob Clinic” on Main who has devoted her life to the study of cancer and in one of her works presented the argument that anyone who drinks one teaspoon of petroleum during 12 days in a row will never develop cancer or leukaemia. Paula Ganner (age 50) has cured more than 20,000 sick patents in several countries. Paula, herself, had cancer and cured herself by using kerosene. She helped cure people sick with cancer, when all other methods had proved fruitless. How did it happen, where she learned about the healing characteristics of kerosene?

Paula Canner was sick with cancer that had already spread (metastasis) and lost 14 kilograms. Surgery was used to remove [a large part] of her intestines. It was too late for another colostomy operation. Even her right kidney was attacked by the cancer. According to her doctors, her condition was hopeless. After an eight-day stay-in the hospital she was sent home as an incurable patient. She was given two more days to live.

While lying at home, paralyzed, she remembered what the soldiers used to say when they were at Bosnia and Herzegovina during World War I. They used to drink Kerosene-petroleum , to cure all types of illnesses and also used it as a substance for rubbing-down the wounds. She asked someone to buy her some distilled kerosene at a drugstore in Insbruk. When she received, it, immediately she took one tablespoon. In less than an hour there was a slight improvement in her condition. The paralysis and the pain disappeared. In three days she got out of bed for the first time. After some time she began to eat and did not vomit after eating. After 6 weeks, she felt a terrible hunger and got a taste for veal cutlets, meat, vegetables and salad. Later she reached her normal weight of 56 kg and one month after she volunteered to give blood. The doctor in the clinic said, “I wish every person had your blood, you must have never been sick.”

Paula says: “My friend from Belgium was diagnosed with breast cancer. After surgery her condition was worse. I asked her to use kerosene, 1 teaspoon on an empty stomach. After a month, she began to recover. Also she was cured from diabetes.”

In order to prevent, Paula recommends consuming a few teaspoons of kerosene during the year. And to patients she recommends drinking one teaspoon on an empty stomach for 15 days.

For those who do not tolerate the smell and the taste of kerosene, the first day they can use by 1-2 drops on a sugar cube, or mixed with cold water, 3 times daily after meals. You should gradually increase the amount to 15 drops. To clear the throat after taking kerosene, it is recommended to drink sunflower oil or sea buck-thorn.

Paula believes that the most efficient treatment is the use of kerosene, which is used as fuel for aerospace vehicles. Paula recommends drinking only distilled kerosene, because in her opinion it stimulates the lymphatic vessels and treats them.

She argues that kerosene can cure diabetes, cardiovascular disease, headaches, stomach ulcers, haemorrhoids, radiculitis, cleanse the intestines from worms and parasites, etc.

For a complete cure of diabetes in children, Paula recommended a daily intake of kerosene by 5 drops within 4-5 weeks.

In diseases of the blood and stomach it is necessary to take 1 teaspoon of kerosene per day, in a week. Make a break for 2 months and use kerosene per 1 tablespoon within 4 weeks. A year later, repeat the course of treatment. So the disease would not be regained, Paula recommended to take 1 teaspoon of kerosene for 12 days once a year, as a preventive measure.

Paula recommends 3 drops of kerosene per day to women who are suffering from cancer of the uterus for a complete recovery.

During treatment, nausea and vomiting are possible, but you should continue to use kerosene. In this way you will cleanse the intestines and remove everything unnecessary from the organism.

Curing but killing

 According to official data of the World Health Organization, cancer is the number one killer in the world in the twentieth century, and the earnings of pharmaceutical companies on drugs that can “cure cancer but kill the patient” is measured in billions of dollars. Is that the reason why the official medicine has never turned to the study of petroleum and its medicinal properties, although many scientists and doctors knew that at the end of the 19th Century.

Originally the petroleum as a pharmaceutical cure was used to treat head lice, although it was soon discovered that it was very effective for the treatment of tuberculosis, but that feature as a potent cure was never officially recognized by conventional medical science. It is particularly interesting that the first person in the world, who wrote about the healing properties of petroleum when it comes to malignant diseases, was Josif Pancic in his book “Omorika” after which the Serbs massively began to use petroleum for healing. They, who survived thanks to petroleum, later received a reply that they were given the wrong diagnosis. During the First World War people were massively treated in Serbia only with petroleum because there were no other medicines. But no one wanted to talk aloud about its healing properties.

Miracle cure

Journalists have come up with a dozen people from Serbia, which were completely cured of cancer thanks to petroleum, but among them there is invisible wall of fear and silence. It is assumed that this is because they do not want that their surrounding know about their disease, but also due to the fear of pharmaceutical lobbyists who for years silenced the truth in all ways. Still, some of them agreed to share their testimony with aim perhaps to save a life to somebody else.

Farudin Djeluli is well known restaurant owner from Novi Sad who claims he had a severe form of stomach cancer cured just with petroleum, which he proved by medical documentation.

Petroleum literally saved my life, without it, I would not be here with you – Farudin explains his life drama. – I felt a terrible pain in my stomach for months, starting from the end of 2008, but I did not go to doctor’s because I thought it would pass. When I could not eat anything, and when I came down to less than 50 kilograms, I realized that I was seriously ill and I went to see a doctor. Immediately I was told that I had cancer of the stomach, but I did not believe it. Later I went for the second, third opinion…but they all confirmed the same thing. I got the histopathology findings, signed by pathologist Professor. Dr. Istvan Klemi, stating that I have a malignant lymphoma of the stomach – malt type, and  they told me that I have 2 more months of life, but with proper treatment, which included surgery and chemotherapy they can prolong my life for three years.

Farudin thought that the end is near. He went to his native Macedonia to say good bye. Then in his village near Tetovo he learned of a woman who has suffered from cancer of the uterus.

– She had metastases throughout the body, but she was cured by drinking petroleum that is sold in Kruja in Albania. Then they told me that ordinary petroleum that can be purchased in stores cannot help me, but only clean and refined, that is available only in a few European countries or in Kruja, Albania, the only location in the world where pure natural petroleum can  be found.  This woman helped me to get 3 bottles of that petroleum and I began to drink it every day. I decided not to come back to Novi Sad and to cancel treatment in Kamenica Clinic, so God help me.

Of course, it never occurred to me to take any medication that the doctors suggested but I was already drinking petroleum twice daily. The human character is to be sceptical. Never discuss serious illnesses, as if they are happening to someone else. I was looking in every morning as it was the last one for me. I never even felt that my health condition is improving day by day. I remember well, how I wake up one morning and wondered what was missing, and I realized that I do not have any pain and that after one year I can eat again. I looked at the calendar and saw that it was the thirtieth day from the first morning when I swallowed the first teaspoon of petroleum. I could not believe that I will live. The will to live and smile regained – Farudin said.

Explosive joke

Drinking petroleum is not pleasant. Farudin says he will never forget the story about him that he heard from a friend related to his petroleum therapy.

– He heard that I exploded when I lit a cigarette. I was scared and instinctively I threw the cigarette that was in my mouth. The entire restaurant laughed along with me.

After six months of daily drinking petroleum when he felt that it is “coming back in his mouth”, he stopped drinking it and went to Skopje for control.

– They told me that the findings are clear and that they cannot notice any changes in my stomach. I heard the same from doctor in Nuremberg, where I also went for opinion and control. When I showed him my findings from Novi Sad, he told me that this is impossible and that he is quite certain that the man whose findings he saw before is dead long time ago. Then I laughed again but also I was determined to tell my story to everyone, because many people do not believe in anything but conventional medicine. I think we should try everything- Farudin said.

Siberian ham

Particularly interesting is the attitude of Serbian physicians to treat cancer kerosene. When we asked junior doctors to recognize the healing properties of petroleum they refuse and consider it as charlatanism while older doctors have a completely different view. One of the nurses who spent her entire working life at the Institute of Oncology in Sremska Kamenica and will be retired in a few years as a Head nurse, agreed to tell us how they found out about the method of treatment with petroleum, in Sremska Kamenica Clinic.

– I can freely say that cancer patients not using petroleum all died regardless of the method of treatment- nurse shockingly said at the beginning of our conversation.

– It’s terrifying that this is so and that doctors are not allowed to talk about it, but it is the dark picture of the world in which we live. I remember well, when we first learned about it in 1978. I worked in the morning in infirmary when suddenly a Gipsy woman came, she was released in 1974 on the stretcher because, according to doctors’ estimates, she could not be helped anymore considering the fact that the breast cancer has metastasized to all the organs. When I saw her in good health at the door of the ambulance, I thought at first it was her twin sister, because I have good memory for faces and I remembered a young girl who came to the Institute in the early seventies in quite serious condition. But when she spoke and said: “Well sister, it was not my time to die”. I was staring in the patient. I could not say one word. The patient interrupted the uncomfortable silence saying that she would tell me the whole story some other time, because now she has no time. Her amazing story lasted from the afternoon until late at night.

– I called then Head of Oncology prof. Dr. Dusan Petrovic and told him that patient with cancer was cured by petroleum. I expected that he will tell me that I am crazy and simpleminded, but I was disarmed by his understanding. He asked me not to discuss this case with anybody. Sometime in May, Professor Petrovic told me he heard on some Congress that the Russians in Siberia cure cancer patients with petroleum and immediately decided to spend his holiday in Siberia, studying alternative methods of treatment of this terrible disease.

When he returned, briefly he told me: “You have no idea where we live and what kind of world this is. While millions of people are dying in the worst pain, in Siberia patients suffering from malignant diseases are treated with petroleum with great success and only important thing is that the petroleum is 100 % pure.

Above the patient’s bed hung are ham and bacon that patients themselves can take whenever they are hungry. If we were doing it here, they will put us in a mental institution… Since then we have never suggested to any patient not to try alternative methods of treatment, but also we did not recommended petroleum.

Petroleum can cure cancer

Kostadin Stojanovic (1924) for 14 years lives his second live. The “first one ended” back in 1993, when he was diagnosed of incurable colon cancer well advanced in its second phase. They told him coldly that his “days are numbered”. The pain was unbearable so he began to think about the worst. However, he decided to try to “overpower” this terrible disease, and searched for rescue in Belgrade.

– Dr. Djukic operated me for the first time in the Emergency Center, Surgery Clinic in 1993. Since all diseased tissue was removed, they suggested the cytostatic and radiation therapy, as for all the patients suffering from malignant cancer. I do not know why, but somehow I did not agree. It seemed to me that this is just an unnecessary torture, and anyway I was convinced that my imminent end is inevitable. Then I thought, I lived well for 69 years and I do not want to deliberately expose myself to this difficult and uncomfortable treatment. After all, my wife died in agony from cancer, and it shall be as destined – says Kostadin. Resigned, he decided to go home from the hospital and wait for doomsday. It was not long when the metastases began to spread on his organism. On March 16th.1994 again he found himself under the surgical knife. Immediately after surgery the doctor came to visit, she looked at his medical history and in cold voice told him – You have five or six days of life. You do not need any therapy!         Kostadin was shocked, but realized that due to the shortage of basic medical supplies, due to sanctions, they should be preserved for those who have chance. At that moment, Kostadin was clear that his life was “hanging by a thread”, and he decided to refrain from therapy and assists to his death, he wanted to say goodbye to his loved ones, friends and neighbors. A few days later, next-door neighbor came to say goodbye to him, and gave him some newspapers. Waiting for “his time”, he calmly read the magazine and suddenly saw a dramatic confession of on German doctor.

– A woman doctor clearly wrote that she cured cancer by drinking petroleum.  Well, if it is so easy to save her life, I would like to try too. Petroleum was easy to find in almost all stores and there was some symbolism there. It cures and in the same time it gives light – I thought and decided to drink petroleum and write a diary to see if it would help me. He prescribed the therapy himself and started on May 5th 1994. Exactly for 45 days every morning he drank one third of brandy cup of petroleum. On the first day he was scared thinking that this fierce liquid can burn his already “eroded” body. When he saw that nothing dreadful occurred, the second one went down the throat more easily.

– Detailed analysis, meanwhile, showed that there is no trace of this lethal disease in my body. I lived with one third of intestines until a year ago when again I felt pain due to constipation. The examination showed that in the same place from where they the removed a tumor in previous operations I have thickening 5 to 6 cm. The doctor told me that this time, surgery is not possible, and he gave me some liquid, only to help in cleaning the bowel. Stojanovic now 83, this time also refused to take prescribed medication and started drinking petroleum.

Petroleum has a major drawback – it is cheap

“Since my father was diagnosed with myeloma multiplex- one of the many types of leukemia, I went in search for a cure. After a short time I came in possession of tea that was prepared by one old lady in Homolje Mountains, but I wanted to further examine this method of treatment. The old lady told me that I should give to my father one spoon of petroleum or lamp gas. Then I began the research how much petroleum helps in the treatment of cancer. So I wrote this text, which may be helpful to others. However, it is important to use this potent homeopathic remedy in the right doses to derive the utmost benefits. In other words, using the homeopathic remedy petroleum in appropriate dosages ensures is efficacy in treating different health conditions. While this homeopathic medicine has a completely individual therapy profile, it has been found to be beneficial for anyone suffering from specific medical problems.

Few more testimonies

After breast cancer surgery, a woman (48) developed tumours in the uterus. After taking a daily teaspoon of Kerosene-petroleum she could stop using morphine, and after six weeks she aborted three tumours.

Another woman took a teaspoonful of Kerosene-petroleum three times daily for two weeks, and repeated this after a two-week interruption. This not only cured her stomach ulcer, but also, to her surprise, her diabetes.

A man cured a severe prostate problem (it is not mentioned if it was cancer) by taking one teaspoonful of kerosene each morning and evening for four weeks. Later, he overcame a stomach ulcer in the same way. His son successfully used kerosene to cure a chronic bladder problem, and he cured his dog of leukaemia after a seven-week kerosene cure.

After a woman (60) had her right breast removed, cancer started in her left breast. She periodically took a teaspoonful of kerosene three times daily for two weeks and then paused for 10 days. She had no more cancer problems and no more fear of cancer.

A young woman (35) was sent home to die with an inoperable large tumour in the pancreas that extended to the adrenal glands. On the fourth day home, she briefly awoke from a coma and was given a spoonful of kerosene. Hours later she showed the first signs of improvement, and after four days she wanted to get out of bed. The kerosene cure was continued for another 10 days before she was investigated at the hospital in Graz and later discharged as being healthy.

After six days of using kerosene, a woman discharged dead tissue which was confirmed to consist of dead tumour cells (the type of cancer is not mentioned). After 14 days, the typical smell of terminal cancer disappeared. She took kerosene for 32, 25 and 14 days, with nine days of rest between each. As a pleasant side-effect, she was also cured of her rheumatic problems.

A woman (68) had high blood pressure, heart and circulation problems and rheumatism. She could hardly walk. After four weeks on kerosene, she was asked by a friend what she was doing to look suddenly so much younger. People think she is in her 40’s. Her husband, who used to have a bent back, now runs like a youth. When she sometimes gets some pain in cold weather, she rubs her body with a sponge dipped in kerosene and lets it dry; this quickly removes any pain.

A woman with colon cancer was scheduled for colostomy (to remove her colon and have a bag fitted). Instead, she started taking teaspoons of kerosene. Not much was happening, so she took about 50 ml in one go, together with a lot of honey in milk. This was followed by four hours of diarrhea with pus and blood and the abortion of her tumor.

Schwarz Family from Berlin even 70 years ago introduced the practice that every Friday, every member of the family took the sugar cube with 15 drops of petroleum. So far, none of them suffered from a serious illness and all are long-lived. Interestingly, the old members of the family Schwartz came up with this idea because they read in some books that the Serbian soldiers in World War I treated all diseases with petroleum.

The year 1962: Helena Maglere from Honduras was dying. A year ago, at the age of 48, she noticed in her breast a lump which was growing in size and was very painful. Her breast was surgically removed but it was noticed that the cancer had spread to her ovaries and uterus. Her bladder became paralyzed and it had to be opened. The case was hopeless. She was given one teaspoon of kerosene on an empty stomach. After 4 weeks she could eat once again, her repugnance for meat disappeared completely, the pains stopped, her pulse and blood-pressure became normal. After taking kerosene for 4 weeks, the morphine injections could be discontinued. She had three cancerous lumps in her abdomen, had had hemorrhage, and yet in 4 weeks she had completely recovered.

One day after dinner, Margaret Weber felt sick and went to bed. In the evening she had no appetite, stopped eating, she felt sick for weeks, and did not know what was wrong with her. The diagnosis was a stomach ulcer. A part of her stomach was surgically removed. At first she felt better, but the pains did not stop. The second diagnosis was stomach cancer. For two weeks she took a teaspoon of kerosene a day. After a 14-day break, she repeated the treatments. On the 12thday of the first treatment she felt somewhat better. Gradually she regained her dexterity, her physical well-being, clarity of mind; the pains, the pressure in stomach, the constant indisposition of her stomach and the lack of appetite disappeared. The blood test results were excellent. Before the treatment she was constantly on a special diet and was terribly thirsty she had diabetes. This disease also disappeared and she no longer needs to take any medication.

Chinese man has been drinking kerosene for 42 years

Chen Dejun, 71, lives by himself in shabby thatched cottage on a hill in Shuijiang township. The short and bony man said he drinks 3 to 3.5 kilograms of gasoline every month, which he buys from a station at the foot of the hill.

He developed the habit back in 1969 when he suddenly began coughing and felt pain in his chest. Seeing no progress after trying some medicine, he took up the folk remedy of drinking kerosene.

It turned out to be helpful for him after the first sip, and he since became addicted to kerosene.

Chen said it is hard to calculate exactly how much gasoline he has swallowed throughout his life, but the estimation is about 1.5 tons over the past 42 years.

Sources from Honglou Hospital in Chongqing said Chen‘s health is fine despite having symptoms of emphysema. Chen refused to receive free check up from the hospital.

The System Fights Back

Soon after the German magazine “7 TAGE” published some of the 20,000 testimonials that Paula Ganner had received, the editor of that magazine lost his job and the entry for petroleum products as a cleaning remedy for wounds was removed from the German pharmacopoeia. Kerosene was declared to be a dangerous poison that caused severe kidney damage, although no specific data or instances were provided.

In 1979, a woman who had distributed health information about kerosene was taken to court in Hersbruck, Germany. The public prosecutor was unable to show that a law had been violated or that anyone had been harmed using kerosene in the recommended ways. Also, the forensic expert was unable to point to any harm. He expressed the view that with cancer one should use everything that might be useful, and that clinical trials should be conducted. Consequently, the prosecution had to drop the case.

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Warning:Although the medical literature contains clinical studies by reputable researchers showing that kerosene is effective against cancer all of this is obviously in conflict with the scientific toxicity information.Nevertheless, science is no obstacle for those in pursuit of profit or special interests. To reduce my chances of having to go to court in this matter, I want to make it clear that this article is for information only, and that I do not recommend using kerosene to treat cancer or any other condition. People need to do their own research and evaluation of available information before deciding whether any potential benefits from using kerosene are worth risking the dangers mentioned by our health authorities.Before you start any type of self-treatment, be sure to consult your doctor.