How To Lose Weight In Summer


Every day as a snack you should consume freshly squeezed juices of your choice grapefruit, apple, carrots, tomatoes, beets. The diet is designed just for the summer warm weather, and consists of the consumption of freshly squeezed juices. It lasts only three days because, if practiced for longer period it can lead to exhaustion of the body.

summerThree day summer diet:


Breakfast: two tablespoons of oat cereals, two tablespoons defatted quark and one spoon of honey.

Lunch: salad of 100g. corn, two tomatoes, one onion, 125g. cucumber, 75g. defatted yogurt, salt, black peper, a piece of toasted rye bread and juice of two oranges.

Dinner: 100g. boiled potatoes, 60g. fried chicken steak, sauce of light vegetable soup, mustard, cream and celery, grapefruit juice.


Breakfast: one piece of dark bread with a teaspoon of margarine or butter and one piece of cheese.

Lunch: salad made of  half a leak, 125g. sprouts, one small pepper, 30g. sheep cheese, a spoonful of vinegar, one tablespoon of cooking oil, parsley, salt, pepper.

Dinner: 200g. boiled potatoes with skins, black turnip sauce, 125g. cucumber 125g. skim-quark cheese, mixed spice and juice of four apples.


Breakfast: bun made of dark flour, a tablespoon margarine or butter and one  spoon of honey.

Lunch: salad of 125g. carrots, a small anise twig, 75g. defatted yogurt, two tablespoons of chopped parsley, spices, one piece of dark bread.

Dinner: 25g. brown rice boiled in salt water, 250 gr. broccoli stewed with a teaspoon of margarine or butter, add four tablespoons of light vegetable soup and add drained rice, 30g. cooked ham, a spoonful of sour cream, a tablespoon of peeled sunflower seeds, black pepper and for the drink, juice of two oranges and grapefruit.