Loss Of Virginity – Today Much More Comfortable Than Ever Before


In earlier times, sex was seen as something unpleasant and embarrassing the very thought of it aroused the anxiety in women and men. Today, young people who have not lost their virginity know that there is nothing much to fear.

virginity1A study conducted by the Illinois State University was the greatest study related to emotional reactions to the loss of virginity. Researchers studied the answers to the questionnaire filled by 5,769 university students from 1990 to 2012. Results are encouraging.

For men and women, losing virginity today has become more pleasant experience, much more comfortable in comparison to two decades ago.

The study was conducted to determine what the experiences of men and women were when it comes to losing virginity.

Not surprisingly, the discovery that “Men much more enjoy and are less anxious than women and women usually feel guilt afterwards; and the biggest difference is in the amount of satisfaction.”

In men, nervousness decreased during these three decades, and in women during that time satisfaction increased and reduced was feeling of guilt.

As the first sexual experience today usually happens in a relationship represents the next logical step in the relationship between two people, the greater is intimacy during sex. This is why for women today this experience is more enjoyable. The feeling of guilt among women is likely to decrease due to the reduction of social restrictions on women’s sexuality.

One of the reasons why the first sexual experience today is more comfortable than two decades ago is the fact that children today are much smarter and better informed.

However, even though the differences in emotional reactions in men and women declined, the first sexual experience is still more pleasant to men than women.