Make Ginger Wraps, And Burn Belly Fat Overnight!

Burn Belly Fat

It is a well-known fact that ginger is a superfood which is extremely beneficial for the entire body. It accelerates the metabolic rate, which in turn makes it especially beneficial for reduce waist size.


1 tablespoon of freshly ground ginger powder
Few tablespoons of body lotion
Terry cloth
Plastic foil
Elastic bandage


First of all, you need to soak the cloth in warm water and wrap it waistline or around any other body part you want to work on. Leave the cloth on for a couple of minutes in order to expand the pore. If you need further expanding of the pores, repeat the procedure once again.

Then, combine the ginger powder and body lotion to create a paste. Apply it onto the area, creating a thick layer. Wrap it with plastic foil and put an elastic bondage over the foil to secure it. Don’t tighten the bandage too much and make it comfortable.

Leave the foil on for at least 4 hours or overnight. Even though you may feel a tingling sensation there is no need to worry as this indicates that the coating is working properly. The major purpose of this coating is to help you melt the excess fat in the affected body part.

For optimal results, adopt a healthier diet and exercise regularly besides using this coating. It is recommended to include ginger in your daily diet as well in order to enhance the effects of this coating and burn more fats.