Marriage Has Positive Influence On The Heart

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Marriage has positive influence on the heart, and married couples have lower risk of heart attack. The results of one research done in Finland show that married people have lower risk of heart attack than single persons and that they heal faster if experience heart attack.

married_coupleIndeed, marriage has positive influence on the heart, because scientists from Tokyo found that single persons in all age groups had 58 to 66% greater chance of heart attack. Married people recover more easily and quickly after a heart attack.

Single men and women have much greater risk to die 28 days after a heart attack compared to those married. Scientists believe that the reasons for these results are greater joint revenues for married couples, health habits and simply their life together.

According to Aino Lamintausta, Head of research, single persons are more depressive than married people and depression has harmful effects on recovery after a heart attack.