Mom Decides To Pop Son’s Knee Infection Against Doctor’s Orders And She Finds Snail Living Inside? OMG

Well, believe it or not a mom finds out that the knee infection her son was struggling with was actually a snail living inside his knee! How crazy is that?

In the beginning Paul had a big swell on the knee and the doctors only prescribed him some antibiotics and very directly consulted the mother not to pop out the infection. However this very strange knee infection only got bigger and bigger and worse and worse. Her son’s knee even started turning black and began to fill with puss. This of course like any other mother got his mother very concerned and worried about what was the cause of such reaction.

So besides the fact that doctors very strictly advised her not to squeeze and pop the infection Rachel Franklin could not resist and squeezed the wound in order as she thought to drain it. She believed that draining the wound would ease her son’s pain. However she was very surprised and could not believe what she found out.

When she squeezed the knee infection a little grey object popped out the surface. That object was looking very similar to a rock and was small in size and appeared very hard. But it was only minutes later until they have found out that the object was not a rock.

The real reason why her son has an infection was because he had a live black sea snail living inside his knee! Yes, the snail was living! In that moment the mother said that she didn’t know if she should laugh or get worried however she was in full surprise of how can a snail live inside of a person?!

Rachel told Animal Planet.“I think I might have even just laughed out loud, then I said, ‘Paul, this is a snail! It’s a freaking snail!’”

After this revelation many tests were made and the results were very interesting and exciting. It was actually that these kind and type of snails lived in conditions just the same as the one a human’s body can provide. The conditions in our bodies are actually and ideal place for them to live and grow.

However, the mom and the others never figured out how the snail gut there in the first place. They also are trying to figure out the damage a snail can cause to your organism and how to recognize if a living snail is under your skin. Sounds pretty cool but yet dangerous.

There are some assumptions by the kid’s father that in order for this snail to start living in his body, that he must have fallen on a nest where an egg of this snail was forced to his knee and some period later that egg started gestating.

All in all, if you notice any weird reactions not just knee infection make sure you have it right diagnosed and properly treated before you experience any major problems or symptom. Also be careful with the snails that can live in your body!

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