This Mom Reveals All The Secrets To Breastfeeding

This mom gets very honest and reveals all the secrets and the things she had to go through while breastfeeding because she was suffering from mastitis.

She shares this very inspirational post for the moms with the same or similar conditions in order for them to relate and be inspired to go through the process.

Her name is Jessica and she posted some pictures of her breastfeeding her baby in the weirdest way while bending over it. She posted it in a group of mums that go through the process of breastfeeding. When posting the photos she stated that she is breastfeeding her child on that particular way in order for her to survive.

Since the moment she posted the pictures she had received hundreds of messages from moms from all over the world saying how what she does inspired them in many ways.

In her post, she explains how in the time the pictures were taken she had very high temperature and she felt she was in great agony. She even said she believed she is going to die. She felt in exquisite pain and In the same time there were her other children that needed to be taken care of.

Yet, she didn’t tell to her husband how serious and how bad the pain was and that she probably should go to the hospital.

Jessica was struggling with this condition called mastitis which occurs when a women breastfeeds. It can cause and extreme fever and breast pain.

However she managed to reduce the pain and feel a lot better after trying this method of leaning towards her child in order to breastfeed it.

She also states that mothers need to post more realistic conditions of breastfeeding and motherhood in order for them to help others that may go through or are going through the same conditions.

Jessica also states that no matter how these pictures may seem wrong on a conventional level, they are very much needed.

This way of breastfeeding while having this condition can actually save your life and make you feel a lot better.