Natural Remedy That Restore Vision For Up To 99%


In the near future, a Swiss pharmaceutical company will start producing the drug called “Quranic cure”. This drug was discovered by Abdul Basit Mohammed and it is claimed to restore vision for up to 99 percent.

f-3-620x354As unbelievable as it sounds, he claims that this medicine for improving eye vision was found in the Islamic holy book of Surah Yusuf, 84th verse which says “have positive”.

In the 84th verse, it is said that our ancestors often used the sweat as natural medicine for many issues, especially when it came to healing the eyes and restoring vision. The experiments were done on rabbits and humans, showing that the remedy really works wonders.

So, what do you think about this? Is it possible to restore vision without undergoing a surgery?

Well, it turns out that this has already become reality and that it really works. The inventor wanted the drug to be called “Quranic cure”, his request was approved, and the Swiss company is soon starting with the production.