Naturally Against Sunburns


If during the hot days on the beach or by the pool you get sunburns, here are some natural remedies to relieve the symptoms.

sunBeaten egg white – Minor sunburns will successfully ease with beaten egg white, which creates a protective layer on the skin. It is rich in collagen that renews the skin, so it is necessary to leave it overnight to act.

Apricot cream – Relieves itching and peeling of the skin. You will need 2 or 3 apricots, put them in boiling water to soften, add a tablespoon of honey and when cooled put the cream on the wound.

Cucumbers – Besides helping with eye bags, cucumbers return the natural moisture of the skin and stimulate circulation, and thus help in healing and renewal of the skin.

Potatoes – In popular medicine potatoes are use to ease the pain and it is great for lighter skin damages. Cut one potato in slices and put in the blender, apply the mass on burned places.

Strawberries – They are rich in Vitamin C that is most important for production of collagen and tannin which calms the inflammations. Make strawberry mash and put it on the skin.