Negative Emotions Causes Disease And Disorder Of Certain Organ!


Negative emotions causes disease and disorder of certain organ! Such explanation of diseases and disorders may help you to better understand your body, thoughts and their relationship. Of course, every human is different individual and cannot be generalized, but this is a really interesting point.

Negative emotion

Headaches – appear when you punish yourself. Migraines have those who want to be perfect and they alone create the pressure under which they live. There is also a lot of repressed anger.

Sinuses – if they cause problems, it may be that you are irritated by someone very close to you. You may feel that he is picking on you.

The eyes – troubles with eyes indicate that there is something about your past or future that you do not want to see. Denial and a desire “not to look” what is happening, causes problems with the sense of sight.

Hearing – such problems indicate that there is something you do not want to hear. Pain in the ear says that you have anger in you because of what you have heard. (Have you ever noticed that sometimes the partner of a person who talks a lot has a hearing problem?)

Hair – hair is power. When you are tensed and frightened, you create a ‘steel chains’ that begin at the shoulder muscles and extending towards the top of the head, and sometimes in the eyes area. Hair grows at the top and if there is a tension that lasts longer, the scalp is shrinking and the hair cannot breathe and therefore it is dying and falling and baldness occurs.

The head – when there is something wrong with the head, it means that you feel that there is something wrong with you. You show your head to the world and that is how you are recognized.

Neck and Throat – Neck is your ability to be flexible in thinking, perception and on the other hand to see the perspective of others. When you have problems with your neck, it means that you were stubborn in assessment of the situation, convinced that your view is correct one. The throat is the ability to say what you think and ask for what you want. When your throat is sore, it usually means that you think that you are not entitled to such position. You are not fighting for yourself and you suppress anger. Laryngitis means you are so angry that you cannot even speak. The throat is the creative flow throughout the body. If your creativity is suffocated, you may have a problem with the throat. Also, if you are trying to change or are in the midst of change, you will notice a change in your throat.

Hands – represent the ability to include all life experiences. The upper part is connected with abilities and lower part with skills. You keep old emotions in the joints and elbows represent flexibility in changing direction in life. Each finger has its own meaning. If you cut your index finger, you have anger and fear associated with the ego in the current situation. Thumb represents concern, the middle finger – sex and anger, forefinger unity and grief, and the little finger has to do with family and converting.

Back – if you have back problems, it can mean that you feel that the environment is not supporting you enough. Upper section of your back has to do with a sense of lack of emotional support (husband, wife, boss…). The middle section is associated with a sense of guilt – fear to look at what is behind you. The fear that you will not have money and you will live in poverty is expressed by pain in the lower back.

Lungs – represent the ability to give and take life. If you have lung problems, it is possible that you are afraid to take what you need, or you might feel that you do not have the right to live the life you want.

Breast – the mother principle. If you have a problem with chest, it usually means you have gone too far with the motherly, protective or possessive attitude towards a person, place, thing or experience.

Heart – is love, and the blood is joy. The heart pumps joy through the body. When life itself denies the joy and love, your heart is shrinks, shrivels and becomes ‘cold’. The result is a slower blood flow and open way to anemia, angina pectoris or heart attack. People who have survived a heart attack are often never really rejoiced life.

Stomach – digest all your ideas and experiences. Your stomach hurts – what or whom you cannot digest? Or, what new experiences you cannot absorb? You’re afraid.

Legs – they are carrying you through life. Problems with legs often indicate that there is a fear of movement, to move forward or reluctance to move in a certain direction. When you do not want to do something, to go forward, you will have problems with your feet.

Knees – flexibility. As well as the back they express the ability to adapt, pride, ego, stubbornness. If you have sore knee, ask yourself where you are so hard, inflexible and refuse to adapt.

Feet – are linked to the understanding of ourselves and life around us, past, present and future.

Skin – is your individuality. When you have skin problems, you feel that you are in some way threatened, that others rule with you.

Overweight – is the need for protection. Fat people are seeking protection to avoid being hurt, despised, criticized and deceived. They have a fear of life.

Pain – of any kind indicates the feeling of guilt. Guilt always seeks punishment, and the punishment is painful. Chronic pain is a chronic sense of guilt so deep-rooted that we are not even aware of it.