Nettle – One Of The Healthiest Summer Plants

Summer came, and with it some of the most used plants that we can find in nature. One of the healthiest summer plants that we buy from the market is the nettle.

Although most people associate it only with the unpleasant burning in case your skin came into contact with nettle, there are those who know about its beneficial properties and high nutritional value.

stinging-nettle-503939_1280Nettle is a plant that contains much of the necessary vitamins for the human body. It is one of the most nutritious plants used to purify the digestive system. Finding it is extremely easy. Except for green markets, it can meet virtually any meadow or green area. If you have time to go to the nearest village and you can be sure to find plenty of them.

There are many healthy recipes in which the main ingredient is this herb. Among the most recognizable, of course is the soup. For its preparation we need a handful of nettles, a handful of rice, carrot, tomato, thyme and mint. Mix all in a defined order, and your kitchen will begin to spread a wonderful fragrance.