Never Drink Coffee At + 39°C

hot cofee

Many of us cannot imagine starting the day without cup of coffee. However, when outside is hot as hell, it would be better to avoid it, especially one at the afternoon. We are all looking forward to sunny weather, and especially those who have the habit to visit favorite bar for cup of coffee with friends. However, in tropical heat this is not so good idea.

iced coffeeAlthough at first glance seems that cup of coffee, which has the power to raise our blood pressure, could be an excellent prevention against heat stroke, it is not.


The problem is that the coffee (as well as black tea) contains a lot of caffeine, a substance which increases the blood pressure, the heart rate, and may cause a irregular heartbeats. Unfortunately, raising the level of blood pressure is only temporary and just after the effects of caffeine it may cause its downfall.


Also, caffeine is a strong diuretic, meaning that it helps faster liquid excretion from the body, either by sweating or with several extra trips to the bathroom – leading to dehydration. The problem is that, together with the liquid, very valuable minerals, such as salts of iron, magnesium, or calcium are leaving the body.


Another bad thing, for those who want more beautiful tan and sunbathing, by its ability as diuretic coffee dries our skin and thus leads to faster creation of wrinkles.


As far as the psyche, coffee and heat is also not a good combination, because the coffee enhances the secretion of stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, which in crowded public transport without air conditioning can only intensify the symptoms of anxiety and drop of the level of sugar in blood.


In summer the days are longer, and during the hot nights we sleep less. This popular drink, which normally raises alertness is definitely not friend of quality sleep.


It is especially dangerous if you opt for iced coffee with lots of sugar and milk. Not only is it a calorie bomb but certainly it is not good for health. Your sugar will go high, and also you can never be sure of the quality of milk.

If you must drink it, and you are addicted to the extent that you already know in advance that you will not listen the advice not to drink it in summer – have just one cup of morning black coffee with no sugar or milk, and not on an empty stomach!