Never Drink Ice Cold Water In Hot Weather

cold water

After reading this, you will never drink ice cold water in hot weather ever again. Maybe you think this is illogical, but ice water leads to a different result than the one you were trying to achieve.

ice cold water1How icy cold water affects the body?

Our body uses a lot of energy to regulate body temperature. The body uses more effort to control the temperatures of the body than for the process of absorption of food and nutrients.

In this process, the body loses water and consumes more energy you suddenly cool the body. That’s what happens when you enter the icy water and then the body is fighting against a sudden drop in temperature. Cold water slows down digestion, leading to a narrowing of blood vessels and slows the hydration of the body.

When you drink cold water after a meal, there are chances that you get sick in the middle of summer. This habit also increases the secretion of mucus and reduces immunity.

Practice the intake of water at room temperature. You’ll notice a significant difference in improving the food digestion and you will feel much better after the meal.