Why You Should Never Light A Cigarette After Meal?


Everyone wants to relax after a good meal, but here are a few tips what we cannot do. Some things that we thought to be nice to do after a meal in fact are not so good. And, some are very bad, like smoking a cigarette.



Smokers must light up a cigarette after every meal. As experts say, if you smoke immediately after eating, you inflict damage to your body as if you smoked 10 cigarettes.


Although this is one of the most common tips, walking after meals is not so good. If you immediately go for a walk, your body will not be able to process all the ingredients you have entered through food. It is best at least half an hour to rest and then to walk.

Fruit and tea

If immediately after a meal you take fruit, you may experience bloating. Fruits will not come in line to digest. Wait for one or two hours, then eat fruit. The teas are good, but they should not be consumed immediately after eating. This is especially recommended for those who lack iron, children and pregnant women. Save the cup of tea for an hour after the meal.

Bathing and sleeping

If immediately after a meal you want to take bath, blood circulation will increase in the hands and legs and neglect the stomach, which can weaken the digestive system. Take a bath after half an hour.

Nap after eating is not good because it slows digestion. Best is to sleep two hours after eating. What is good to do after eating is to sit for two or three minutes, get ready for a walk for about 10 minutes.