Nine Types Of Food For Whiter Teeth


As there are products that darken the teeth, there are also products that improve their health and beauty. It is known that red wine and coffee should be avoided if we want to have beautiful, healthy and whiter teeth. If you want whiter teeth, consume these products more frequently.

Teeth - StrawberriesStrawberries – Although they are red they whiten teeth using the acid that removes dirt from the surface of teeth.

Nuts and seeds – When we chew this food it actually helps in removing the layers from the surface of teeth. Of course, these fruits can stick between the teeth, and after their consumption thorough brushing is mandatory.

Garlic – It may not be a product with a nice smell, but is good for teeth. It has no significant color and leaves no stains on teeth.

Apple – They are hard and power is needed to bite them and that strengthens our teeth and gums. In addition, some of the ingredients of apples are good for teeth and saliva.

Celery and carrot – The root vegetables stimulate the production of saliva which helps in removing the rest of the food, though and strengthens gums.

Broccoli – Unlike some other vegetables, broccoli is not attaching on the teeth, which of course is very good because it will not affect the health of the tooth surface.

Cheese – This tasty product contains calcium, which is known to strengthen teeth and gums. Moreover, this dairy product has no color so it does not leave traces on the teeth.

Orange – Due to the acid they contain these products can contribute to the whiteness of your teeth, but if you exaggerate the same acid can damage teeth.

Water – It moisturizes the mouth and keeps the beauty and health of teeth. From all the above products, water is the healthiest.