The Number Of Times You Pee Indicates How Healthy You Are

pee frequency

According to Dr. Neil Grafstein, assistant professor of urology at the Mount Sinai`s Hospital NYC, your pee frequency can reveal a lot about your systematic health.

pee frequency How often should one pee?

Generally, there is no definite number of times for peeing. However, people usually urinate between six and eight times a day. Also, there are a number of factors which have an impact on urination frequency such as hydration and how you hydrate yourself.

For example, people who drink more water, will normally pee more often. Also, those who consume alcohol, coffee and other foods and drinks which act like bladder irritants will urinate more frequently.

Furthermore, there are people with sensitive bladders who run to the bathroom as soon as they feel the slightest urge. Also, there are those who are able to hold their pee until their bladders are about to burst.

Can we urinate too often?

People who urinate 11 times a day, or more, after drinking two liters of fluid may possibly have a problem with pee frequency. Often, frequent peeing can occur as a result of overactive bladder which causes the urge to urinate a lot. However, Dr. Grafstein says that we are able to train our bladder, but only if we don`t have incontinence problems.

Other Urine related Facts

  • Holding the pee is not bad, unless it starts causing pain.
  • Regularly holding of your pee can lead to bladder infections.
  • The normal color of the urine is see-through yellow.
  • Particular foods can change the color of your pee (blackberries can change it to pink).
  • Asparagus can cause your urine to be foul-smelling.
  • Pee is 95% water.
  • Sweet-smelling urine is a sign of diabetes.
  • The average stream of urine is about seven seconds.
  • Your urine stream becomes weaker as you grow older.
  • You also urinate more as you age.

Avoid drinking fluids before going to bed to prevent sleep disruption from the urge to urinate.