One Minute Workout – New Trend in Fitness

There are many gyms and workout centers advertising the effectiveness of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It has become a popular way to burn more fat. Even though it is not exactly a new idea, still many fitness professionals are calling it a new thing. Many athletes and professionals across the world use this technique to maintain their peak performance with as little wear and tear as possible.


There are many ways to incorporate quick bursts of exercise into your workout routine. However, HIIT as a phenomenon is gaining a lot of traction lately, thanks to the supportive research that validates its use and benefits.

According to several studies and researches, as little as one minute of intensive exercise – sprinting, along with 9 minutes of light exercise, leads to similar improvements in health and fitness as a 50-minute workout at a moderate pace over a period of three months. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that people will work out hard only for one minute in an entire day. The whole idea is about alternating it for a minute within your existing workout.

Needless to say, these 60-seconds have to the best you have got, in sprinting pace, as if you are running for your life, pumped by adrenaline rush. But the good thing is, it is only 60-seconds. People who say they don’t have time to exercise may now be out of excuses.

The sprint workout consisted of warming up for 2 minutes, sprinting all-out for 20 seconds, recovering at a slow pace for 2 minutes, sprinting for 20 seconds, recovering again for 2 minutes, sprinting for a last 20 seconds and cooling down for 3 minutes. The endurance workout consisted of warming up for 2 minutes, riding at a moderate pace for 45 minutes and cooling down for 3 minutes.

But high-intensity training isn’t a quick fix, it brings greater risk of injury, and people who are not typically physically active should take it with caution. Interval training isn’t a magic bullet; what you eat along with resistance training rounds out a fitness routine.

High Intensity Interval Training  allows you a way to fit exercise into your life even if you only have ten or fifteen minutes in the day, you can still get in a high-quality workout.