Origin Diet Program


Origin Diet Program is based on ancient foods and lifestyle and it can transform both your body as well as mind. Our ancestors lived long, healthy and disease free life, despite not having all the comforts and pleasures that we have today.


The answer is in the fact that convenient life and comforts have actually cut us from natural life. The origin diet asserts, by getting closer to nature and organic foods, we can ensure blissful life for ourselves.

What is Origin Diet?

The origin diet plan is a practical diet program which will help you to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and use much healthier foods with low glycemic index, use of raw and fresh foods rich in various vital nutrients.  The diet plan will successfully shed twenty pounds from your body in six weeks.

All men and women below forty can follow the diet program. Origin diet plan is important for our body but that alone is not sufficient. Our body can be fueled with foods, but our metabolism still is reliable on physical activities.

We often pay so much attention on the products we use on our skin and body externally and never forget to see their side effects. But when it comes to foods, we become all careless. Foods act just like two edged sword for our body. Whereas unhealthy foods make our body diseased and pathetic, healthy foods make it beautiful as well as resilient.

Here are some ways of sensible eating:

  • Devote considerable time to eating as you devote to other important deeds of your routine
  • Instead of eating anything just like that, check the foods on following parameters – high macronutrient and micronutrient density, and low glycemic index, fatty acid composition, sodium-potassium ratio.
  • Munch your foods several times before finally galloping them. Munching foods takes off a lot of pressure from your intestine and boost your metabolism.
  • Endeavor to make your diet balanced by including 40% vegetables, 20% carbs, 20% fruits, 20% proteins in your diet.

Benefits of the Origin Diet

  • You will get adequate nourishment because food items recommended indiet program are loaded with phytonutrients, macronutrients and minerals.
  • Exercises have been included in the mainstream ofdiet plan. Exercises will not only speed up your metabolism but will also assist your body in burning fats faster.
  • You are advised to drink ample water in a day like yourancestors used to do. Hydrated body will flush out toxins more efficiently and will purge you from diseases.
  • You will find several effective strategies which will tell you how you can compensate the ill effects of unhealthy foods.
  • Rather than believing in providingtransient weight loss, the diet program believes in providing permanent weight loss to its dieters.

Sample Diet Plan

Breakfast: Skimmed soy milk, walnuts, raisins or blueberries dunked in Greek yogurt etc.

Morning Snacks: Hummus, carrots, maple syrup, low-fat dairy products.

Lunch: Chicken bread sandwich with whole wheat grain bread, pancakes etc.

Evening Snack: Whole grains, almond milk, one kiwi fruit etc.

Dinner: Tuna, salmon, organic grass fed meat, legumes etc.