Pegan diet conquers the world

pegan diet

The new most popular diet with an unusual name (combination of paleo and vegan) combines two irreconcilable currents – a diet based on meat and one that is completely avoiding meat. Pegan diet is great because it will allow you losing weight while you are not hungry, which is the most common reason for giving up the diet.

Pegan diet

Paleo diet last year was a big hit, but a strict cavemen diet is increasingly giving way to a more balanced diet. Pegan diet is now slowly pushing paleo, and since it is a healthy compromise, it is no wonder that there are many supporters.

Meat lovers are delighted that the meat is not forbidden in this diet. Meat is a contribution to vegetables, on the plate it should be about 25 % of meat. Pegan combines the principles of paleo diet, with more fiber and grain.The-pegan-dietThe most important rule is to avoid foods that contain lots of sugar, flour and refined carbohydrates. The diet includes beans, nuts, vegetables and fruits. Pegan diet should consist 50 to 75% of darker vegetables, because it contains more phytonutrients.

Instead of refined vegetable oils, such as corn, sunflower and soybean, in pegan diet you should use olive and coconut oil, nuts and avocados that have a lot of omega-3 fatty acids.

Dairy products should also be avoided because they encourage the accumulation of excess weight, diabetes and heart disease. Instead of products from cow’s milk, use sheep and goat milk. Avoid gluten, and whole grains are allowed in small quantities.