Is It Possible? G-Spot And Vaginal Orgasm Are Only Myths!?

Thousands of pages have been written about the famous G-spot and the legendary “vaginal orgasm”. One report published recently puts the end to tremendous arguments and debates about existence of vaginal orgasm or not. The same applies to the G-spot.

abdomen-pelvis-and-perineum-anatomyItalian scientists, who insist on the correct terminology, claim that there is no so-called G-spot, a term that refers to the biggest erogenous zone situated in a part of the vagina at the bottom of the pelvis. They say that every woman is able to have an orgasm if you stimulate the clitoris and that the term “vaginal orgasm” is improper and that instead we should use the term “female orgasm”.

Neglecting the clitoris and the insisting on popular G spot perhaps is the reason why many women do not experience sexual climax.

While the claim that the clitoris is actually a female penis may seem strange, the fact is that these two organs have many similarities. The problem is that the clitoris is not so noticeable if not aroused.

Most women do not experience orgasm during classic intercourse, so we need a better understanding of “what is going on down there.”