Prepare The Body For Autumn With Proper Nutrition

Fatigue, exhaustion, poor concentration, decline of immunity and the working enthusiasm are characteristic symptoms that may occur in late summer and early autumn.

2This occurs as a result of adjusting the body to autumn and cooler days, especially difficult period for meteoropathic people.

However, there are things you can do to facilitate the transition to autumn period.

Diverse and regular diet is necessary due to sudden temperature changes. This means five meals daily (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks) every two to three hours. Sure, diet should include carbohydrates and proteins in equal parts.

Of all five meals, breakfast is the most important since the metabolism is fastest in the morning. Therefore, the food we take in the morning moves the body throughout the day.

It is recommended in the morning to eat polenta with cheese or two integrated fatless muffins and yogurt. Excellent option would be to prepare a mixture of oat, rye or barley grains with milk, where you can add a handful of dried fruit.

For snack we recommend any fruit. If you cannot resist to delights, eat some chocolate that contains high percentage of cocoa.

For lunch prepare one piece of roasted white meat, salad and a slice of black bread.

As second snack again have some fruit.

As for dinner, it is better to skip it, but it is not advisable to lie down for at least two hours after eating. For dinner it is important to avoid carbohydrates (fruits, sweets, pasta), and instead, take lean proteins (lean meat, chicken or turkey white meat, fish, lean cheese, lean dairy and, of course, salad).

Moreover, do not forget for all that time to engage in physical activity, especially if you accept the fact that autumn is the most favorable time for outdoor activities – neither too hot nor cold.