Protect Your Skin From The Harmful Sun Rays

Protect Your Skin From the Harmful Sun Rays

In the summer period when sun radiation is higher than the usual, it is always handy to remind ourselves of the harmful effect of the sun rays and how to protect ourselves from it. Here is a list of 5 products that will provide your body with vitamins and carotenoid pigments needed to protect your skin from the inside.

Protect Your Skin From the Harmful Sun Rays1Dark chocolate for healthier skin

It is well known that dark chocolate is a great source of antioxidants, and that they are responsible for full protection from the harmful effects of the UVA and UVB sun’s rays. If you consume sweets during the summer period, make sure you include enough dark chocolate in your menu.


The secret of the effectiveness of the fish meat lies in its large amounts of vitamin D. It is this vitamin that is crucial for preventing the extinction of skin cells that are directly exposed to sunlight.

Green tea

The beneficial effects of green tea are well known. What we might not know until now, is that drinking only one cup of green tea per day helps to prepare and protect our organism from the harmful sun radiation. Scientific studies have confirmed the effectiveness of green tea in ensuring overall body wellbeing.


Tomatoes are rich in carotenoid pigments which are excellent for protecting the skin from the sun, and also for slowing the aging. Newest studies have shown that 10 to 12 days of regular consumption of tomatoes reduces the sun sensitivity of the skin.


Blueberries, like dark chocolate are a great source of antioxidants and therefore are ideal for a skin protection from the sun’s rays. Blueberries are great in maintaining skin health and strength.