Raspberries Improve Male Fertility

The results of a new study show that raspberries are rich in vitamin C and magnesium, which are involved in the production of testosterone.

9196069652_4fc5c1de94_zTherefore, eating raspberries increases male fertility. The survey found that this fruit protect sperm from oxidative stress and it increases the chances of conception.

US study found that men older than 44 years who were adding large amounts of vitamin C (Consuming raspberries, broccoli and potatoes), have 20 % less damaged sperm DNA than those who did not consume such food.

Except for men, this berries are beneficial for women. It is thought that this fruit reduces the risk of miscarriage. Moreover, they assist in maintaining body weight which is the key to the balance of sexual hormones.

This fruits have key ingredients that increase fertility in men and women – said nutritionist Juliet Wilson and highlighted that one serving of them contains the same amount of vitamin C as 173 grains of grapes.