Recipe Against Acne

Surely you’ve tried countless products against acne, natural remedies or various diets, but the problem still exists. Nearly everyone was in the same situation but you want to get rid of them immediately.

AcneThese old homemade recipe promises great results against acne.

All you need is apple cider vinegar and boiling water. Pour the vinegar and boiled water into a bottle in ratio of 1:2. You should put this mixture on your face every day after cleaning.  Allow the mixture to dry on the skin and then apply a moisturizing cream.

Observe the nose and eyes are as you apply the mixture. It takes approximately two weeks for complete facial cleansing.

Green tea and carrot – thanks to the antioxidants that are in these two ingredients, acne will disappear after just a few treatments. Cook the carrot well, mash it, add a few tablespoons of green tea and stir well. Apply the mixture on face and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Orange and egg white – Orange and egg white have incredible cleaning power and soothe the skin. Squeeze orange juice and mix it with egg white. Apply it with a cotton pad on acne. Leave the mixture on face for 15 minutes.

Strawberry leaf – Wash the leaves with cold water and place them on the acne. Allow the leaves to act for at least 10 minutes. This trick for skin care will reduce the swelling and inflammation.

Jojoba oil – Apply a few drops of jojoba oil on cotton and gently rub the acne. Leave on for 15 minutes, and then rinse with lukewarm water.