Remove Dark Circle And Bags Under The Eyes

dark circles

The dark circle under the the eyes may occur either by the natural effect of age, but may also be due to lack of sleep, allergies and habits that promote water retention. 

DARK-CIRCLES-UNDER-EYE-remediesThe dark circles around the eyes are a cosmetic concern that can make people look tired or discouraged, sometimes even ill. Learn how to reduce the appearance of eye bags with these quick fixes.

We must be clear that the circles are not the same as the bags. The difference between them is that the circles are like purple shadows, however bags are an accumulation of toxins and liquid, just below the eyes. To improve this, we can do home remedies to reduce bags under the eyes in the comfort of your home.

The cucumber

This is the best remedy par excellence. Cucumber, due to being a vegetable that contains plenty of fluids can help drain fluid from the bags and relieve from allergies. With a slice of cucumber on each eye for 15 minutes it is sufficient to diminish the bags.


This fruit is very good for its antioxidant properties. You just have to cut a few slices of melon like cucumber and place them over your eyes for 10 minutes. You can do it weekly and see excellent results.

The ice pack

Prepare a plastic bag with ice and put it in the eyes to reduce bags. This is excellent and convenient to carry, and it’s just grab a bag and fill it with ice cubes. Try it!

The kiwi

It is also one of the partners in the fight against dark circles thanks to its high content of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients, working well to reduce inflammation and tighten skin. Apply the same way as the cucumber slices and watch the circles disappear in minutes.

The strawberry

It is a great natural-anti inflammatory that works wonders in reducing dark circles. Prepare a puree with the pulp, cool slightly and apply to the area for half an hour or more, then washed with cold water and viola!

Do a light massage

More than a remedy, it is a method that works a lot. Tap gently on the bags under the eyes with the tips of your fingers. It is very important that the taps should be very mild, never strong.

It also helps a lot to eat fruits and vegetables with high water content such as watermelon, grapes and cucumbers.