Sage Tea – The Mystical Treasure That Should Be Enjoyed

sage tea

Sage tea is well known for throat cleaning remedy while its other useful properties, due to the intense flavor, fall under the shadow of mint and chamomile.

Sage teaSage (Salvia officinalis) has long been known as a very useful plant against snake bites, female infertility and tonic to “chase away evil spirits”. This plant is typical of the Mediterranean and it can be found in Italian cuisine and beyond.

Since ancient times, the sage was synonymous with wise men, and today this plant is known as “tonic for the brain”. For students who are preparing exams, wise decision would be to drink sage tea to increase the chances for a good grade.

This tea is not prepared in the traditional manner. This is due to the strong essential oils and it is recommended that the tea boils for three minutes and let it rest for another five minutes. We recommend not to add sugar and to give tea a chance to conquer you with its taste and flavor before it sweeten.

Sage is used in cooking, as a spice it goes well with red meat and other foods with stronger taste.

Sage tea is lighter shades of honey with a characteristic ethereal aroma reminiscent of mint and eucalyptus. You may not like this tea at first glance because of its mild bitterness, but after a few mouthfuls you will be accustomed and embrace its freshness.

In addition to these benefits of this plant it is also very useful as tincture at night sweating, as tea made only from flower parts at stomach problems and nervous distress.