Under The Sea There Is A Pharmacy That You Never Heard Of


Sea air and water are true remedies for the soul and body. The ancient Greeks were the first to notice the healing effects of sea water on human health.

sea-salt-moundsPopular wave-therapy, stream treatment with sea water, comes from ancient Greek islands of Rhodes and Corfu, and was practiced 2,500 years ago. Wave-therapy was used to treat diseases such as eczema, asthma, psoriasis, and back pain.

Hippocrates discovered the healing properties of seawater by observing its action, he noted that seawater accelerates wound healing, prevents infection and reduces pain. In France in the mid 19th century opened were treatment centers using seawater that gave great results.

Good properties of seawater

The sea contains elements that are very important to us, like sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, silicon, silver and even gold. Seawater penetrates deep into our skin and thus allows operation of elements and minerals in the body. Also contains various types of algae that are rich in minerals. Algae are a source of health and beauty, they stimulate cell renewal, improving the appearance of skin, stimulate metabolism, strengthen immunity, prevent the occurrence of various infections, cleans the skin and helps in removing cellulite.

Asthma and allergies

Salt has antiseptic and antihistaminic action and because of it is beneficial for skin allergic reactions. Pure sea air is saturated with negative ions that facilitates breathing and have favourable effect in patients with asthma.

Stress release

Nothing is more relaxing than a combination of sun, wind and the sound of waves. Holiday at sea gives you the opportunity to forget about everyday problems and fully relax. Magnesium which is found in high proportion in seawater acts against stress. Therefore “use” the sea to get rid of stress.