Basic Rule In Shaving Of Intimate Parts That Very Few Respect

Shaving Of Intimate Parts

If you use a razor to remove pubic hair, you risk experiencing these horrendous consequences. Since shaving the hairs is already a normal thing, many have no idea what terrible side effects to expect.

Shaving Of Intimate PartsShaving of the bikini area is one of the least pleasant female rituals. New research has shown that women who fully or partially remove hairs from the intimate area may seriously harm their health.

Do not touch the pubic hair

Women do not understand the risk of shaving pubic hair, because shaving the other smaller parts of the body are harmless and cannot impair health, scientists say.

The research showed that 87% of women arrange the intimate hairstyle, and 90% of them do it by shaving.

But genital skin is extremely sensitive than for example the skin of the feet. Because of that shaving can create minor injuries that are not necessarily visible. This may explain why 60% of women said they experienced side effects after the removal of pubic hair. Mostly it comes to minor cuts, after which hairs grow.

If small, injuries are not terrible

The skin below the waist is filled with sweat glands; it means that the area is humid and generally dark. The perfect environment for the growth of bacteria, especially if you have small skin cuts or damages, where bacteria and viruses can easily enter and the possibility of infection is high.

You can catch sexually transmitted diseases like herpes and HPV because pubic hairs are actually natural barrier that prevents infections.