Shocking Health Benefits Of Corn Silk That You Didn’t Know!


Corn has been on the healthy food lists for some time now, and it is truly beneficial for the human health. However, corn silk, the texture covering the corn itself is even more recommended for nutrition and should never be disposed of. The strands located beneath the green corn leafs is what you need to keep your health in excellent condition. It is easy to spot, and even easier to pull out and consume.

corn_hairIf you haven’t been introduced with the health benefits that corn silk provides, read on to learn them. Here are some of the amazing benefits of corn silk:

Protects Against Kidney Stones

Ancient people had always used it to treat kidney stones. Has the ability to prevent crystals from forming inside the kidneys. However, if you already suffer from kidney stones, corn silk will not be effective.

Blood Clots Prevention

Due to its high vitamin K content, it helps with treating blood clots and protects the body from losing blood at the same time. The main substance that helps with this is, of course, vitamin K.

Regulates Blood Sugar

Many studies have confirmed the beneficial influence of corn silk in regulating and balancing the blood sugar levels. By increasing the insulin levels and repairing unhealthy pancreas cells, corn silk is more than favorable for your health.

Cholesterol Balance

Elevated cholesterol levels in the body can be easily treated by consuming it. This also implies many other cardiovascular diseases- corn silk is the key!

Natural Diuretic

Excess fluids and body toxins will be eliminated from the organism of corn silk is used regularly. Along with this, corn is able to protect the body from different Urinary tract infections (UTI).

CONSUMPTION AND USE: You can eat it just as provided. Also, you can boil it with water and drink hot or cold. To enrich the taste, you can add lemon juice. Water can be stored in a jar and exposed to direct sunlight for one day. The same night, add honey to the water and consume as you need it.

The consumption of corn entails using organic corn, instead of pesticide sprayed.

IMPORTANT: Corn silk is not recommended for pregnant women. If you want to start consuming it, consult your doctor, so you avoid health problems, including miscarriage.