These Are The Signs That Show If You Are Overstressed


We don’t have to tell you that stress can and is actually the biggest cause of major illnesses and diseases. Even experts say that stress has a great amount of severe consequences to the health.

Being overstressed usually has some unclear symptoms which you are not going to notice immediately however there are some side-effects and signs that indicate that you are under a lot of stress and you need to manage it before it goes big.

These are the signs you are probably going to notice if you are overstressed:

  1. Hair loss

According to the experts, we lose an amount of 100 hairs on daily basis without ever noticing. However, the most important cause of this hair loss Is stress. This is because of the fact that it alters the physiologic functions of the body. If you don’t manage the stress as quickly possible, with time, the hair loss will only grow bigger and you may suffer some difficult consequences.

  1. Weakened libido

This is the result of stress reducing the levels of sexual activity. Stress can even result with exhaustion and impotency. This is why you need to focus on relaxing and find a way to enjoy your sexual life. Don’t let the stress ruin everything for you.

  1. Changes of the mood

Of course, stress affects the hormones in big ways so you will experience a lot of mood swings. With time, you might get even more serious problems such as mental-health issues or anxiety.

  1. Weight variations

Being overstressed can cause an appetite loss which eventually leads to an extreme weight loss. On the other hand it can also affect the metabolism by reducing it which will result in weight gain.

  1. Obsessive thinking

Stress has a way of affecting your mind that you constantly worry about something. It can cause you to overthink which is never good. This is why you need to work out whatever it is that is bothering you as soon as possible.

  1. Troubles with sleeping

The result of being overstressed most often is insomnia. You will feel constantly tired and sleepy but yet you will not be able to fall asleep and get the much needed rest, because of stress. This is why you need to figure out the thing that makes you stressed and work it out. You can even try meditation or yoga in order to start sleeping like a baby again.

  1. Lack of patience

If you often feel impatient and anxious, then probably you are being overstressed. This will also lead in you being intolerant and angry which can cause for you to argue with your loved ones and ruin your relationships. So in the name of the love you have for them, you need to work your things out.

  1. Body pain

Yes, being overstressed causes malfunction of the body which with time leads to strong headaches, strange pain in the body, diarrhea and most often, stomach problems.

This is why in order to improve your mental and overall health you need to acknowledge the fact that you are being overstressed and start doing something about it!

Thank you for reading.

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