Soften Your Rough Skin With Honey


Honey contains substances that act on the body as a healing medicine. Vitamins, enzymes and amino acids soothe the irritations and purify problematic rough skin.

honey-spa-healthy-beautifulThe precious substance, which the bees use to feed their queen, is called royal jelly. This miraculous substance is used in many cosmetic preparations for the care of your rough skin.

Honey is also perfect as mean for chapped lips. The skin of the lips has no sebaceous glands, which would provide them their own fat grease. Spread honey on your lips and leave it to act for 5 minutes. Vitamins will penetrate the thin layer and your lips will again become soft and attractive.

If you have too little time for such procedures with honey, then you can easily find on the market a large variety of cosmetic products based on honey, which are also a good choice for face and body care.