Solve The Child Night Urination In Bed

little girl sleeping

Urination in bed (which is also called nocturnal enuresis) occurs when the bladder is emptied while the child sleeps. It can happen occasionally or every night.

ChildrenUrination in bed is more common in boys than in girls before the age of nine years. It can upset the child and be difficult and hard for the whole family.

The main reasons for children for this problem are: the body produces large amounts of urine at night; the bladder can hold only a small amount of urine and inability of the child to completely wake up from the dream.

According to psychologists, children who wet the bed are not lazy or disobedient. It may be associated with health problems. In order for the child to stay dry at night, it should first be able to control the bladder during the day. From the age of three, most children are dry during the day, and by the time they start with school they are already dry overnight. However, that is changeable and occasionally accidents can happen throughout the day and night, until the age of seven or eight years.

Many children stop wetting the bed after some time without any help. If this problem continues at older age, then parents should contact a doctor. The most common ways to stop this unpleasant phenomenon is for children to participate in programs for training the bladder, then use bedside alarm clocks that turn on when the child wets the bed or use medicines that reduce the amount of urine produced at night.

It is important and essential that children should never be punished because they wet the bed or be embarrassed in front of relatives and friends. If the problem persists safest solution is to visit a doctor.